Emma手工皂-Deodorizing Pet Mat(Medium)

Deodorizing Pet Mat(Medium)

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|Designed and manufactured in Taiwan|

|Patent No.105303271|


Polyester fiber、EVA、deodorizing bio-sand.


Removing pet's smell.

|How to use|

It can be placed on the floor, sofa or pet bed where your pet likes to lay. It can also be placed on the car seat, in the trunk, pet carrier, strollers, etc. The mat can effectively eliminate the smell and keeping the space smell clean.




The mat adopts the principle of natural decomposition that can decompose bacterial and odor molecules so the unpleasant odor would be kept away from your lovely pet. It can naturally and non-toxically remove the smell of pet urine and the pet odor. The mat is perfect to take with you wherever you go and is easy to store and keep clean. It is washable; the color would not fade and would not be influenced by hot/low temperatures. It is reusable and with multiple uses. The deodorizing effects can last at least three years.

|The first product to replace activated carbon|

Activated Carbon VS. Natural bio-sand|

Activated Carbon - Absorbs the odor molecules with its pores; when the pores are filled, the deodorizing effects will fade away. The deodorizing effects are short-term and the mat needs to be renewed often.

Natural bio-sand - Contains a variety of minerals and microbial enzyme In addition to absorb odor molecules through porous surface, it can also decompose smell and bad bacteria and restore deodorizing activity. The deodorizing effects can last up to 3 to 5 years! (And washable)


★Certified by SGS non-toxic test.

★Certified by Taiwan Textile Research Institute in effectiveness of deodorizing.

★Contain certified deodorizing bio-sand.

★Effectively remove ammonia.


Washable, keep away from fire.

|Storage life|

Can be stored for 3 years, 1 year after opening.

|Joint design|

寵愛黑博美 菁小涵

|For further information, please contact us via LINE or email: info@floraemma.com|